Guilty Pleasure Music

Abigail Buenker, Business Manager

As a lover of music genres across the board, honing in on one specific type of “guilty pleasure music” genre is hard for me. I tend to go through phases where I find myself binging a certain genre of music until I find a different one I want to move on to. Some of my most notably wild phases include movie scores, bluegrass, most of Tchaikovsky’s discography, classic rock road trip music, música en español, My Chemical Romance’s Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, instrumentals, and Broadway show tunes.

When I began looking for new music to listen to about a year ago, I happened upon Korean pop music. K-Pop caught my attention instantly because it was upbeat, exciting electronic music. Initially, I was very skeptical because I didn’t speak Korean and had no idea what the lyrics meant. Eventually, I learned to look up the meaning of the songs, watched the music videos, and learned more about Korean culture. Some of my favorite K-Pop groups to date are BTS, Day6, Seventeen, EXO, and GOT7.

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