Have you given up yet?

Catrina Oberfeldt, Multimedia Manager

As Valentine’s Day looms before us, let’s take a step back and think about our most recent holiday: New Years. It’s only been a month since that time of renewal and promise. What did you set your mind to bettering? Did you resolve to love yourself more? To spend less online? Or the yearly favorite, lose weight?

No matter what you decided to do, it’s likely you’ve stopped doing it by now. U.S. News published research stating that about 80% of resolutions are given up on by the second week of February. I don’t know where you fall on this statistic, but I didn’t make a year-long resolution for this exact reason. Promising to do one thing for the whole year is pointless. It doesn’t take into account that you are an ever-changing being. Your needs don’t stay the same the whole year. And if you recognize something about yourself that makes you unhappy, waiting until the new year to try to fix it allows you to fail without feeling too bad.

I believe it’s a ridiculous tradition that needs to be left in 2017. I personally have set goals for myself to choose between for a few months. At the beginning of each month, I will sit down with my list of possible goals and reflect on the past month to decide what I need to work on. I urge you, right now, to reflect on what your points of improvement are. Maybe you want to take time to meal prep. Maybe you have become a hermit this winter or want to take more time to appreciate nature. Maybe, like me, you see that you put off everything and want to start your papers before the last day.

Whatever it is, don’t plan to change. Actually make the change.

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