Lake Land College welcomes new chief of police

Zoë Donovan, Managing Editor

While we may no longer being seeing Randy Ervin on campus, a new face has joined the police force here on campus as our Lake Land College Police Chief. Jeff Branson became our chief of a police about two months ago and is looking forward to a new step in his career.

Branson hopes to work closely with faculty, staff and the students, and says it was one the things that excited him most about the job opportunity. He will be working alongside both Lake Land’s criminal justice program along with the criminal justice club.

“I really like the contact. As chief of Mattoon Police Department, I didn’t have much contact with the public, other than phone calls and day-to-day,” Branson said. “I really like direct contact with people and interacting with people.”

Branson says there will be some small police policy changes. These are not changes that will affect college or campus policy.

“The department is in really good shape, but there are some small changes that I will make,” Branson said. “We have separate policies that just adhere to the police department.”

One the biggest changes he’ll be making is to increase involvement with students and being more involved on campus.

“We really want to step on campus and spend as much time with the student body as we possibly can. Interact as much as we can,” Branson said.

Branson actually learned about the opening of the position from former police chief, Randy Ervin himself.

“I thought it be a good opportunity for myself and a new direction to go,” Branson said. “I look at it as a new challenge.”

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