Guilty Pleasure Food

Derby Roan, Editor In Chief

Greasy, crispy, and sweet… Oh yeah. Onion rings are everything I could ask for in a food. Any ill effect on my health is made up for by the positive effect on my mental health.

Growing up, I hated onions. I wouldn’t have anything to do with them. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I tried a friend’s onion ring on a whim and fell in love. Bless that friend. I love the crispy batter on the outside and that slimy worm of an onion that always seems to slide right out of the batter. I’m obsessed.

Once, I even decided to sample every fast food onion ring in Mattoon to figure out which one was the best. That was a great week. Not a single onion ring was disappointing, though the best was from Dairy Queen, of course.

There’s no wrong time, no sickness, no mood that will stop me from eating onion rings. The only regret I feel is when I reach the bottom of the container. Rest in grease, golden rings.

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