guilty pleasure food

Catrina Oberfeldt, Multimedia Manager

When you think of guilty pleasure food, it’s usually something super weird or super fattening. But for me the guilt part is less about what I’m eating and more about the circumstances behind my eating it.

My guilty pleasure food is sushi. I know that sounds a little normal, but hear me out. It’s a weekend night, I’ve either got no plans or bailed on all my plans, and I’m craving Osaka. I place a carry-out order between 2 p.m. or 4 p.m. because they have a buy one get one deal around then. I usually get three rolls and veggie hibachi with rice. The three rolls are eaten in my car upon leaving. I eat them with chopsticks while I’m driving. I’m sure to any passerby it seems equal parts dangerous and depressing.

The veggies and rice will live in my fridge and be two more weekend meals. It gives me an excuse to not leave the house for the entire weekend, unless someone else is buying the food. The only reason it is a guilty pleasure to me is because I generally consider sushi to be a special occasion or date food. I guess sometimes you have to have a weekend date with yourself.

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