Irreplaceable headlights: They’re what make a Subaru a Subaru

Everybody has regular maintenance fees for their vehicle from an oil changes to new headlights. It becomes a nuisance when that headlight burns out multiple times in one year.  In 2011, there was a lawsuit filed against Subaru, mainly because of the Outback model.

Several Outback owners have been having troubles with not just their headlights, but all the external lights such as turn signal lights, side marker lights, and license plate lights. What’s worse is the replacement costs. Replacing one headlight can cost around $75. The way Subaru’s are made: the whole front or back bumper must be removed just to replace the headlight. This feature prevents most owners from being able to replace them on their own.  This is part of the reason it costs so much to replace.  The labor it takes to put in a new light raises the overall price.  The bulb itself is usually around 20 dollars also.  Not every service shop is able to replace the bulbs.  Only certain shops have the equipment and training to do the job.

The biggest problem in all of this is most Outback owners don’t know about the frequent headlight problems and the lawsuit.  Owners are constantly having to pay for the light replacements without compensation.  All I can say is to do your homework before your next vehicle purchase.

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