Kuljuhovic earns respect on court


Lake Land College

Amel Kuljuhovic is pictured in uniform.

Ethan Neal, Reporter

As the 2017-2018 men’s basketball team steps onto the court to establish themselves as a winning group, sophomore and forward-center of the squad, Amel Kuljuhovic has gained special recognition from coaches and teammates.

“He’s very skilled on the court,” Head Coach Brian Colvin said. “He can shoot for three, but he can also play inside and bang a little bit, and he rebounds extremely well.”

But, Kuljuhovic said his success in basketball can be traced back to his days as an elementary student, starting as early as the fourth grade.

Originally born in Germany to Bosnian parents, at nine months old, Kuljuhovic and his family moved to the United States, settling in Waterloo, Iowa. Growing up in the Kuljuhovic household, catching a NBA game on the television alongside his father was routine. The televised matches would bring both a new type of education and, eventually, his first passion.

“I would ask what they were doing,” remembered Kuljuhovic. “I just fell in love it (basketball).” 

In Waterloo and surrounding areas, Kuljuhovic made his mark by performing under the various local town and city league basketball teams. His talent expanded, opening doors to Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls, Iowa, where Kuljuhovic was apart of the program for one year.

Yet, despite accomplishing his dreams and prospering in the game of basketball, Kuljuhovic has had to deal with the negative crowd.

“There were a lot of people that didn’t believe in me growing up, playing basketball,” confessed the forward-center. “Believing in myself has helped me.”

Despite already being strong on the court, there are always areas of improvement.

“I can improve my shot and my athleticism as well,” Kuljuhovic reflected.

Now, grinding here at Lake Land College and proving the skeptics wrong as a leader for the team, Kuljuhovic continues his hard work, always looking to win big with his teammates. He not only enjoys competing at a higher level, but primarily Kuljuhovic enjoys how well determined and diligent the coaching staff works day in and day out. At the end of the day, Colvin, Kuljuhovic, and the rest of the crew share the goal to conquer the national tournament together. 

Described as “a great student,” by Coach Colvin and having a height of  6′ 10″, we can all look up to someone like Amel Kuljuhovic. Though of course, even Kuljuhovic looks up to those who have inspired him along the way, including his mother, father, and Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, LeBron James, who are all “hard working,” he said.

Accepting an offer to continue his basketball career, Kuljuhovic will commit to California State University in Northridge after Lake Land, where he plans to major in business administration. 

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