Christmas sucks

This isn’t the most wonderful time of the year

Zoë Donovan, Managing Editor

When I say I hate Christmas, people often try to either tell me I’m a bad person or explain to me why Christmas is actually the greatest holiday ever. However, trying to tell me that I’m wrong and why I’m wrong for hating Christmas often yields the opposite results. At best, I’m mildly annoyed; at worst, I end up loathing the holiday season more.

Christmas and the holidays in general can be very emotionally charged. Society collectively deemed it as the “most wonderful time of the year” and forced everyone else to accept it. Books like ‘A Christmas Carol’ of course fueled this collective hatred of anyone caught not loving Christmas, but while bitterness throughout the year is obviously bad, not liking the holidays doesn’t make someone a monster. A person’s past Christmas experiences or associations with the holidays can be less than ideal at times. Even if it isn’t, whose place is it to judge what counts as a legitimate reason?

This is not to say that it’s true for everyone. Christmas in the U.S. is especially heavily commercialized and treated like a money-grabbing scheme by big corporations. It’s turned into something almost entirely material. It’s also used too often to promote some kind of political agenda. A lot of people got butt-hurt last year over Happy Holidays, and screamed that political correctness would be the downfall of the nation. Honestly it still baffles me that people actually got mad at the phrase Happy Holidays. Recently the president politicized it again by bringing this back up by saying that “we’re saying Merry Christmas again,” which makes me want to purposely sponge the phrase from my vocabulary. That’s right, in the past I wasn’t a total monster who would actually say the greeting back.

Christmas, believe it or not, is also a religious holiday. I’m not saying that people who aren’t Christians hate Christmas. I actually doubt this is the case, though I think people sometimes forget that Christmas has religious roots. But, not celebrating Christmas and hating Christmas are two totally different things. We have to remember that people have the freedom to practice or not practice any religion they choose. No one should try to force their beliefs down anyone’s throat, and no one should try to tell anyone whether they’re right or wrong for loving or hating Christmas.

Christmas isn’t everyone’s absolute favorite time of year. For many it can be the best time of year but treating that as the universal and questioning those who don’t love the season unconditionally, only makes those of us who do hate it loathe it more.

Lastly, when can we all finally agree that Christmas music is the worst, and that it’s just the same ten songs that keep getting remixed?

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