Students share experiences from McVicar Hypnotism show


Lily Ames

McVicar the Trickster hypnotizes Lake Land students

Lilly Ames, Designer

Lake Land students were lucky enough to have McVicar the Trickster appear on campus to entertain them, thanks to the Student Activity Board. If you missed the show, no worries! You can read about it here. Three of the hypnotized participants were interviewed and their stories were all unique and peculiar. Here’s what they had to say about their experience.

Tyler Wilson participates in McVicar the Trickster’s show.

Tyler Wilson can be seen on the far left of this picture raising his right hand. He says he remembers doing this and everything else that took place during his hypnosis. If he remembers and was conscious of what was going on, why did he act so silly on stage? He says that even though he knew that nothing out of the usual was going on he couldn’t help, but feel like something was. The hypnosis made him doubt reality. So when he was told that he was naked on stage, he wasn’t entirely in touch with what was going on.

“Especially when he said that we were naked I remember getting really hot, like I was really embarrassed,” Wilson said.

And when the hypnotist told him he was getting sleepy, Tyler said he actually did begin to feel something.

“My body parts were getting heavier and heavier,” Wilson said. “It felt like a weight was being put on me to the point I couldn’t move except when he told me to.”

Tyler said this was actually his third time being hypnotized and that he enjoys the experience every time. He also reported feeling much more awake after the show, like he had just woke up from an amazing nap.


Lisa Gregory is hypnotized.

Lisa Gregory was happy to be interviewed, but surprisingly after all the dancing, laughing, and other commotion she took part in on stage, she couldn’t remember a thing! Only bits and pieces have come back to her, but for the most part she can’t recall the performance.

“It’s like an hour went by while I was asleep,” Gregory said.

She said that nothing unusual took place after leaving the show, but she did say she felt the same energized feeling as Tyler.

“I sat down on the stage, he started talking, then I woke up back in the audience. I couldn’t remember anything,” Gregory said.


Ron Mriscin participates in McVicar the Trickster’s show.

Ron Mriscin was one of the few non-students who participated in the hypnotism, and he also said he could not remember much more than bits and pieces of the show, but he had more to add on his experiences after leaving the campus!

When Ron and his son were driving home, he found it hard to concentrate because he couldn’t stop fixating on the color red.

“Red sticks out to me now,” Mriscin said.

Ron said red stop signs, lights and even red belongings around his home were calling to him. Ron’s son, who wasn’t able to be hypnotized, said that he had no idea why his father would be fascinated by the color after his hypnosis. He saw no correlation between the color and what happened during the show, but it was funny for him to see his dad petting students thinking they were fluffy animals and dancing on stage as if he were a whole different person.

Ron also felt much more active and full of life just as the other participants had, which was a good feeling for him as he remarks he doesn’t feel that way often these days in his retirement as a teacher.

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