Explore Lake Land at Laker Visit Day

Abigail Buenker, Business Manager

How much does college cost? What majors are offered? Can I apply for scholarships? How do I get involved in student life? Where is the library at? These are all questions I had when visiting colleges and universities before selecting Lake Land. One of the hardest transitions in life is choosing a college that will fit your needs, schedule, and lifestyle. The majority of students applying to colleges initially feel very anxious and uncertain about transitioning into college and have many questions about campus life and services.

To help students get a feel for college life, Lake Land College is hosting a Laker Visit day for prospective students both at the Mattoon campus and at the Kluthe Extension Center. Lake Land hopes to curb any unsureness a student may have and educate them about the locations of services around campus, the cost of attendance, and the various programs and majors offered at a college.

The visit days will host an open house experience as well as a resource fair which includes resources pertaining to admission, support services, and financial information. Laker Visit days this fall will be both Tuesday, November 28 from 2-7 at the Kluthe Extension Center in Effingham and Thursday, November 30 from 2-7 on campus in Mattoon.



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