Bloody and brilliant

‘Jigsaw’ grinds out gore, nostalgia


Derby Roan, Editor In Chief

The ‘Saw’ movies are very near and dear to my heart, much to my family’s dismay. The announcement of an eighth film had many fans worried, but there was no need for any of that fuss. ‘Jigsaw’ lived up to all of my expectations, from the extreme gore to the ever-growing backstory of the serial killer John Kramer.

‘Saw’ has been gory from the start. That’s its calling card. ‘Jigsaw’ definitely didn’t shy away from its claim to fame, including some of the goriest deaths in the series. Neither did it abandon its tasteful jump scares or characteristic portrayal of man’s deepest flaws. Beyond being a simple slasher, the ‘Saw’ movies have always scratched the surface of morality. This movie is no different.

What ultimately made ‘Jigsaw,’ and every ‘Saw’ movie before, so great is the never-ending backstory. Each movie added a layer of dept, a further explanation for the logistics of the previous murders. Again, ‘Jigsaw’ stepped up to the plate and gave viewers another window into John Kramer’s murders.

Many fans were skeptical because of one obvious problem: John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer, is dead. That is a very valid reason to be skeptical. But, as in all previous movies, there is an answer to your questions. And yes, it’s worth staring at the screen for an hour to figure it out.

Fans of the ‘Saw’ series should have no fears walking into a showing of ‘Jigsaw.’ You will not be disappointed. Those who are just getting into the series… Watch the other movies. They’re all pretty great.

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