Girly is okay

Romance isn’t inferior to adventure

Catrina Oberfeldt, Multimedia Manager

This month, I wrote about my guilty pleasure TV show, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. My show was a romantic drama, and I couldn’t place why I felt guilty about that.

After pondering it for a while, I realized there was no reason I should ever be ashamed of a show I enjoy. But why do I still feel embarrassed about loving it so much?

I kept wanting to say the show was too girly, but that felt degrading as a female. Why does “girly” have such a negative connotation? It seems like a romance is only acceptable if it’s in an action movie. From an early age, we gender certain types of entertainment.

For instance, there are princess movies and crime-fighting heroes. Girls are encouraged to be a princess, and boys are the hero who saves them. As we get older, there are jokes about how men hate romantic comedies, and there are quite a few men who do. I know men who have never even watched a rom-com before. Some aren’t even open to the idea.

While this doesn’t apply to every person out there, I feel like this is the trope and we all buy into it. Action movies tend to do better in theatres than the “girly” movies. The girls who love action are “too cool” for romance. Everyone can enjoy action, but to enjoy something for women, even as a woman, is lesser. Because to be a woman in this society is to be lesser.

This concept of gendered interests is damaging to young people. It’s something that as a society we need to be aware of so that children don’t continue to carry this into adulthood. With this knowledge comes the power to change how we think and how the future thinks. We should unabashedly love whatever it is speaks to us. Even if it’s a little girly.

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