Derby Roan, Editor In Chief

Imagine the three biggest idiots you know. They’re total stoners, usually drunk, and can barely hold down a useless job. They can’t get girlfriends, don’t really have friends besides each other and their drug dealer, and are pretty much social failures. But, y’know, at least they’re funny. Sometimes.

Their names are Adam, Ders, and Blake, and they’re the main characters in my favorite show, ‘Workaholics.’ The Comedy Central show, which survived mostly on junior high humor and bro love, somehow managed to stay alive for seven seasons before the network pulled the cord in 2017. While that decision was probably for the best, it was still totally loose butthole.

Still, this show is my go-to when any unpleasant emotion strikes me. Sad, angry, tired, ‘Workaholics’ has been there through it all. With episodes only lasting 20 minutes, it’s easy to rot your brain between meetings or right before bed. There’s always time for an episode.

Throughout its lifetime, the show has stayed consistently trashy. What you see is what you get for the entirety of this series. It was so refreshing to see a show stay so true to itself to the very end. That’s what made it even harder to watch the final episode.

As the final credits rolled over a shot of the boys on their roof, I thought, “I will never be amazed by their stupidity again.” My only comfort was in turning on the pilot episode and starting all over. You gotta be fresh.

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