Grey’s Anatomy


Catrina Oberfeldt, Multimedia Manager

I have been following ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ since the very start. It’s a drama show centered around surgeons in Seattle. There is so much to love about it!

They have a fairly diverse cast for a show that is so mainstream. Generally, that kind of representation isn’t a priority in media. They have the best portrayal of a bisexual woman of any show I’ve ever seen. Callie Torres’ sexuality is not her defining characteristic. She gets to be a real character and not just a plot point, which is very important to me. I also feel that people of color are better represented than in most shows. Albeit, as a white woman I definitely am not the authority on that.

With as many good things as this show offers, none of my friends care much for it. Mostly because there’s not much action as compared to other popular TV shows. The drama is centered more around relationships with a bit of medical jargon thrown in. It tends to something that I watch when I want to have a good cry. Sometimes it’s a happy cry, but usually it’s just sad. The moment things look like they might have a happy ending, someone dies. It’s an emotional roller coaster, but I can’t help but love it wholeheartedly.

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