The Magic School Bus


Tiffany Wallis, Copy Editor

We all have that one TV show we can’t help but binge watch.  Endless nights of staying up too late are all too familiar because we keep telling ourselves, just one more episode I’ll be fine.  Without an ounce of guilt, my guilty pleasure is the new series of ‘The Magic School Bus.’

In the new ‘Magic School Bus’ series, Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle takes on the role of the new Ms. Frizzle. Fiona is the kid sister of the original Frizzle. The new episodes introduce Fiona as she clumsily tries to prove her abilities to become the new class teacher. By pressing random buttons, of which she is usually unaware of the function, she sets the day off with a brand new adventure every time. Although she may not be the original, Frizzle runs deep in her veins.

Watching the Magic School Bus has brought back many memories and made me feel like a kid again.  Although the show is geared towards young kids, it is still just as enjoyable for adults and educates the mind in its own wondrous ways.

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