Theater Club provides creative outlet, new relationships

Derby Roan, Managing Editor

Not only is Lake Land College’s Theater Club a great creative outlet for students, it also opens doors to new, unique relationships with fellow cast members.

“I like performing, but I felt like I walked in and had friends immediately,” Hampton said.

Fellow club members Nick Kelsey and Lisa Gregory agreed.

“We all just became friends in five seconds,” Kelsey said.

“You tried to kill me. That’s how we became friends,” Gregory said to Kelsey.

“Yeah,” Kelsey said. “Our relationships are definitely unique.”

But, these friendships don’t only affect the actors’ personal lives; they also enhance their on-stage performances.

“You can’t really have a good relationship on the set unless you develop an outside relationship,” Kelsey said.

Kelsey’s friendship especially played a role in ‘A Bad Year for Tomatoes.’

“No spoilers, but [in the show] me and this one girl are in love. I’d never met her before we were in theater club,” Kelsey said. “We’ve hung out outside of this and become close, so the chemistry matches, and that shows on stage.”

Theater Club is always looking for members, and is open to any interested students. No experience is required.

“We’re open to new members all semester,” Club President Leah Piescinski said. “We don’t have many requirements, just someone who’s willing to work with people. It’s open to everybody.”

In the future, the club will be working with Zoo Improv from Champaign to learn more about improvisation. They will also be putting on a winter show, ‘13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview.’

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