Professor X: November 2017


Derby Roan, Editor in Chief

I did not know anything about community colleges until I moved to Mattoon. Lake Land College was my first exposure to community college.

I took courses at Lake Land and eventually went to Eastern for my masters. And now I’m doing my PhD at Ferris State University.

School is a must for two reasons. First, it opens doors. It actually opens doors. Each level I’ve completed opened another door that was not previously accessible or visible. Second, each level of school has taught me how to think at a higher level than my previous education. It has forced me, taught me, to think on higher levels.

Content is important, but your ability to think will equal your ability to understand problems. If you understand a problem, you have a chance to solve it. If you don’t understand the problem, you have no chance of solving it. Problem solving: That’s what school has done for me.

Each new level of school has been scary–Will I complete it? Will I measure up? In hindsight, that is the view of someone outside of school looking in. Once I started, it was difficult, but there was always a path forward.

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