‘Kingsman’ sequel maintains reputation

Tiffany Wallis, Copy Editor

‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle,’ the sequel to the first movie ‘Kingsman,’ continues the captivating story of Eggsy Unwin and his new life as a gentlemen secret agent.

For those of you who have not seen the first ‘Kingsman’ movie, in short, Eggsy’s father was a Kingsman until he gave his life to save his fellow agents in a high pressure situation.  When Eggsy finds himself in jail, a Kingsman bails him out and Eggsy begins his journey to becoming a Kingsman himself and later on, the fate of world is left in his hands.

In ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, the same great graphics reappeared.  The movie never has a dull moment and plot twists leave you with your mouth dropped open in shock.  Their way of introducing new characters is awe-inspiring. The suspense left me furiously eating my popcorn as if I was being starved to death. Without a doubt, ‘The Golden Circle’ stayed true to its ‘Kingsman’ charm and made me want to become an agent myself.

‘Kingsman’ makes a great movie for those who love action, comedy, and even romance.  Although, in order to make the whole experience better, always remember, Oxfords not Brogues.

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