Abigail Buenker, Business Manager

Because we are at the height of fall, nothing pairs better with pumpkin flavored foods and beverages than a whodunnit show with horror, mystery, and deception. The show that meets all of that criteria and much more is ‘Riverdale.’ The show takes its name from the fictional town in the Archie comics and features the iconic cast of characters but with a new twist.

Riverdale is not only a modern-day take on the classic comics but is also set in a darker and more mysterious world. The series begins with the entire town of Riverdale trying to figure out who murdered Jason Blossom, the wealthy high school quarterback. Viewers watch heartthrob Archie Andrews along with his crew of Betty Cooper, the girl next door, Kevin Keller, the sheriff’s son, the new girl in town Veronica Lodge, and writer Jughead Jones take it upon themselves to unearth clues about the murder.

Whether the team is walking the halls of Riverdale High or congregating in a booth for milkshakes and burgers at Pop’s Diner, the team almost invariably is involved in all sorts of antics that are sure to keep viewers entertained

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