Not all news is fake news

Zoë Donovan, Reporter

We’ve heard a lot about fake news recently, and it’s important for people to always look at more than one source for their news. However, the majority of news outlets, big and small, require writers and contributors to have some level of understanding of the issue, credible sources and research on whatever they are covering. It is very important for the public, especially those who read the news, to make it known that they won’t tolerate made-up stories or misinformation.

When someone in a position of power, who has influence over others, uses that power to purposely discredit or attack the press for reporting on events that are happening, red flags should be raised and people should worry. The freedom of the press is a First Amendment right for a reason. The right of the people and press to publicly share information is important in keeping the American public informed. When we have politicians working to discredit these sources, we should be questioning their motives.

When people in power work to discredit the media, it is because they don’t want the public to trust journalists or the press, for one reason or another. Working to discredit a group that works to inform the public on current events and situations is not ideal. It is good for people to ask questions to make sure things are correct, but discrediting a source that does extensive work to make sure the information coming to the people is accurate is an unnecessary and a somewhat defensive approach. Instead of just calling something fake news and dismissing it, we should really be trying to get to the meat of why someone is making this claim and what their true intentions are. Are their intentions malevolent or benevolent? Whether the media in question is unnecessarily biased or simply stating the facts, facts that may telling an ugly truth that many don’t want to hear or admit as truth.

The phrase “don’t shoot the messenger” comes to mind. The news is not supposed to be all sunshine and rainbows, and the press isn’t there to make Buzzfeed listicles. The press is trying to tell the truth as best they can. When the public allows one person to tell them what to believe without examining that person’s motives, they are willingly depriving themselves of the First Amendment right of the freedom of the press.

The media and journalists in general should be held accountable for providing sound, relevant and honest information. However, just because one person doesn’t like what the media is reporting, doesn’t mean the news outlet is wrong for reporting on it.

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