Terrace House

Zoë Donovan, Reporter

My guilty pleasure television comes in the form of a show called ‘Terrace House.’ Why do I feel bad about? Simple: it’s technically reality television.

I’m not usually one for reality TV; it tends to bore me due to the over dramatics and desperate attempts of the people to garner more attention for themselves. However, ‘Terrace House’ is not like most reality TV, and not just because it’s based out of Japan (which also leads to some guilty feelings). I’m not entirely sure if it’s because of the change of pace from a cultural standpoint or some other reason, but the people tend to act more genuine. Suddenly, the simple things seem more dramatic than the petty fights most reality TV thrives off of.

The audience can’t outright hate or love any of the people on the show either. Viewers can see a lot of sides to each person, so they actually seem like real human beings… which they are. The viewers see multiple sides to each person and just when it seems that an archetype might be established in a person, they do something to completely change that notion. If this seems intimidating, worry not.

Every ten minutes or so, the scene shifts to a panel of people who are also watching the same as the audience and make comments on the things happening. This panel adds a weird sense of familiarity to the audience, as it’s similar to the way our culture today often sits and talks about or speculates on the nature of television. It’s all very meta and enjoyable.

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