Stiefvater tells tale of growth, miracles

Zoë Donovan, Reporter

‘All the Crooked Saints’ follows the Soria cousins (Beatriz, Joaquin and Daniel), who spend the summer nights of 1962 driving around the desert that surrounds Bicho Raro in an old truck running a pirate radio station. It also tells the tales of the ‘pilgrims,’ people who have come to seek miracles in Bicho Raro from the Soria family and have had their darkness manifested in physical ways that they must somehow overcome.

Maggie Stiefvater knows how to turn the quiet desert into a lively and exciting place to be, and have readers on the edge of their seats and wondering how the cousins can possibly solve the problems they are faced with without dooming themselves in the process. Nearly every character in the book gets a conclusion and ends up changing in some way, and no matter how major or minor each seems when they are initially met is important to the story. Readers will find themselves rooting for even the smallest roles. The book overall tells a fantastical story of redemption, love and learning how to face your inner demons.

Stiefvater is the author of ‘The Raven Cycle,’ the ‘Wolves of Mercy Falls’ and ‘The Scorpio Races.’ Those who enjoyed her past works are sure to enjoy ‘All The Crooked Saints’ as it is written with the same kind of background fantastical magic that she writes in those, specifically ‘The Raven Cycle.’ Unlike ‘The Raven Cycle’ however, that requires one to plow through 4 books, ‘All the Crooked Saints’ is a fairly quick and completely standalone read. ‘All the Crooked Saints’ is a welcome addition to the growing collection of books by Stiefvater. It is the ideal read for anyone looking for a book to curl up with this fall and upcoming winter.

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