Lake Land Fight Song released

Derby Roan


Derby Roan

Student Government President Brock Hammond and music instructor Nancy Caldwell lead the students in singing Laker Loyalty.

Derby Roan, Editor In Chief

Laker Loyalty, written in the 70’s and played only once at a basketball game in 1979, has finally taken its rightful place as Lake Land’s Fight Song. The song, written by former Lake Land music instructor Wayne Bradtke, was played at Lake Land’s homecoming kick-off pep rally on Sept. 27.

Though Bradtke has since passed, his legacy won’t be forgotten, as Laker Loyalty is expected to become a beloved tradition, according to Dave Cox, director of alumni relations.

“From this moment on, Laker Loyalty is going to become a tradition for all of us Lakers,” Cox said. “You’re going to hear it at athletic events, you’re going to hear it at graduation, and anytime we want to show our Laker pride, we’re going to play that song.”

A few members of the Bradtke family were in attendance during this event, including his daughter, Karen Livingston, who said she was pleased with the college’s presentation of the Fight Song.

“To have what Dad did all those years ago be brought to light–that’s a real honor,” Livingston said. “To introduce it to everybody with lyrics and t-shirts is excellent.”

This pep rally is just the beginning of a weekend of Homecoming events, as the college celebrates its 50th anniversary.


Make way for the Lakers now
our champions we do cheer

We’ve played the game,
we’ve earned the name
our foes we do not fear.

So, raise up your voices in praise
let’s shout for victory

The Lakers are best
forget all the rest

To Lake Land our loyalty

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