A letter from the editor

Mattoon High School, my heart is hurting

A letter from the editor

Derby Roan, Editor in Chief

There’s a lot of hurt in the world right now. There are so many divisions, so much separation between people. From issues of race and politics to sexuality and social status, we can all find something wrong with each other. We are all guilty of this, whether or not we make our dissent public.

In light of the shooting at Mattoon High School, my alma mater, I’d like to make the point that we could all stand to be a little nicer, a little more considerate, and a little more compassionate. Remember to respect those around you. It’s okay to disagree with someone, even with someone’s lifestyle, but those disagreements don’t have to end relationships. They definitely shouldn’t put lives at risk.

We could all learn to listen to each other more, to truly hear each other. We could all stand to respect each other, even when we do disagree.

It’s hard to be kind when you’re young. I know. Youth is full of passion and it doesn’t stop to think. It feels deeply, hurts deeply, and lashes out like a whip. But, I encourage young people to fight that impulsiveness. Slow down. Sympathize. Empathize. Don’t waste your time ruining other people. Invest your time building people who can then invest in other people. Invest your time in unifying the human race.

My heart hurts for the world, because I’m scared that my generation is going to continue objectifying, isolating and hating anyone who stands out in the slightest.

I’m scared that my generation has forgotten how to be human.

Please prove me wrong.

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