Lake Land introduces ‘Duck Blind’


Derby Roan

Student Trustee CJ Meaker introduces the Duck Blind to students at the Homecoming pep rally. The Duck Line will be a student section to cheer on Laker athletes.

Derby Roan, Editor In Chief

Lake Land’s 50th Anniversary celebration kicked off on Aug. 27 with a special nod to Laker athletics.

All of Lake Land’s competitive teams were acknowledged during the pep rally, where Student Trustee CJ Meaker announced a new development in school spirit: The Duck Blind.

“I went to one of the volleyball games last Wednesday, and I realized that we have a lack of school spirit at some of the events. It was really quiet there,” Meaker said in his speech during the rally.

Meaker, along with athletic directors and Marketeing and Public Relations Director Kelly Allee, decided that a student section would be the perfect solution.

Plus, with the new Fight Song and a new cheer, the students have all the material they need to cheer on their peers.

“We’re going to try to get as many students as we can, as many athletic teams as we can, to go to this and support the Duck Blind,” Meaker said. “We will also be singing the Fight Song.”

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