Is HAARP causing this disastrous weather?

Tiffany Wallis, Copy Editor

Many conspiracy theories have been brought to our attention with the recent weather phenomenon sweeping across the world. Some argue there’s something intentional behind the increased number of hurricanes and earthquakes.

One of the most popular conspiracies points to HAARP.  HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project. HAARP is controlled by the US and was originally designed to perform research on the ionosphere to enhance radio communications and surveillance.  HAARP has technology that has the capacity to produce a low-pitch frequency so powerful that it would penetrate the brain.  The organization seems harmless at first until the layers are pulled back.

According to some theories, HAARP intends on heating the ionosphere with antennas to create clouds to replicate an optical lens. It sounds like there’s a possibility weather could be affected by this. Coincidentally, there seems to be weather surges in the areas they are experimenting on, possibly causing the recent fluctuation in our weather patterns.

Anyone else thinking about building a bunker under their house and buying a ton of canned beans? No, me neither…

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