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Russ drafted by Phillies

Tiffany Wallis, Copy Editor

Addison Russ, a former pitcher for the 2014-2015 Lake Land baseball team, has been drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies.  He has appeared in about seventeen baseball games since he has joined the class A Minor League.

After pitching for the Lake Land Baseball team, Russ began his journey on to the path of pro baseball.  He was drafted in the nineteenth round by the Phillies.  Russ recently finished his first year of class A Minor League baseball and is working towards moving up to class AA.  Out of the seventeen games he has appeared in, Russ has gained an ERA of 3.98.  ERA stands for earned runs average.  Basically it is described as the average amount of runs the pitcher allows to be scored in a game.

Judging from his ERA, Russ has had a successful first year of his Minor League experience and the Lake Land community is ready to support him all the way.

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