Pride to host bake sale on Coming Out Day

Derby Roan, Editor in Chief

Who could say no to 50 cent baked goods?

On Oct. 11, Pride, Lake Land’s LGBT+ club will be selling “rainbow sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, brownies and happiness,” Catrina Oberfeldt, club president, said.

Not only will Pride be selling delicious sweets, these baked goods serve a purpose: to support those coming out and inform those with questions.

“Proceeds from the bake sale will benefit an LGBT charity,” Oberfeldt said. “We will be there to spread awareness and answer any questions.”

The college is also helping to spread awareness by letting students hand signs in the Student Center.

“That entire week, there will be a display for coming out day with information about LGBT people in the country.”

Coming Out Day is important because it’s often a crucial point in LGBT people’s lives, Oberfeldt said.

“Not everyone has that safety and ability to come out to family and friends because of prejudice,” Oberfeldt said. “The more we promote acceptance, the more people can feel comfortable with LGBT relatives, friends, classmates.”

Pride Club hopes to provide a support network to anyone who has or is planning to come out.

“It’s important to have that community to fall back on, especially on that day,” Oberfeldt said.

The sale will be in the Student Center near Accounting from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will also be an advising event with free pizza in Laker Point at that time.

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