Transfer Day

Lake Land provides opportunity to learn about universities

Zoë Donovan, Reporter

On Wednesday Sept. 13the field house was once again filled with tables and displays. This time, rather than clubs, college representatives lined the gymnasium with colorful banners and informational packets on their respective Universities. University transfer day gives students of Lake Land, especially sophomores, the opportunity to make plans for the coming years. It allows them to talk to representatives of possible future colleges and find schools that would best help them to further and education in their field or major.
Student Sierra Pagel said that it was “interesting to see some options” in reference to the colleges there.
The event is set up by Bryan Burrell, who said the school’s been organizing this for about 10 years now. The field house included representatives from most of the Illinois public colleges as well as many private ones from Illinois and our surrounding states, including Missouri and Indiana.
“It gives students the opportunity to speak with other school’s representatives.” Burrell said, and this can greatly help students who aren’t always sure where the best fit might be after Lakeland and allows them to speak with representatives personally rather than just looking at a school’s site online.

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