Professor X: September 2017


Derby Roan, Editor In Chief

It’s about 8 a.m. on a Wednesday, and I’m walking into work. I see a dying vine in a conference room to my right. It’s in an orange ceramic pot. I always look at it. Every few weeks, it loses another leaf.

Besides the plant, I only see empty hallways. There are no people in this blue-walled building. It’s too early in the morning to see very many people.

On my walk inside, I think of my day’s work, especially of my emails–how many are waiting for me, and how many I have to send out. I also think of my agenda. If my agenda is big, I know I won’t get to the emails. It’s not a good feeling going home knowing you haven’t answered 20 emails or 50 emails.

I wonder how much of my agenda I will accomplish, because I spend so much time helping others. Regardless of my agenda, I am here to serve students, faculty, and administration. If all three stakeholders need me, I will set my agenda aside. Today, my agenda is full of meetings, topped off with a class in the afternoon.

At my desk, I open my email, hoping for a smaller number than yesterday. Today, I have 109.

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