Henningsens coming to LLC


Derby Roan, Editor In Chief

The Henningsens, a family country band from the small town of Atwood, Ill., is scheduled to play at Lake Land’s Homecoming on Saturday, Sept. 30.
This will be the band’s last show together, as they move on to pursue other musicl interests.
The Henningsens take pride in their uniqueness, small-town heart, and descriptive lyrics.
Their newest album, ‘World’s on Fire,’ released in June 2016, lives up to those standards.
They’ve worked with several popular country artists, including The Band Perry, and have kept their own small, loyal following throughout their career.
This is a band that represents everything country music should be today, but isn’t.
The multi-talented musicians all make their beautiful voices heard. There’s something geniune in this family band that just can’t be found on the radio.
Lyrically, every song paints a picture and sets a mood like nothing I’ve heard from modern country music.
It’s easy to tell that there’s a lot of heart in the Henningsen’s lyrics, and it’s relayed well in their vocals. That quality is so refreshing in time when we’ve lost sight of heart in favor of a catchy beat.
Every song has a story, from ‘Country Cool,’ a fun story about a girl, ‘Why I Farm,’ a beautiful picture of a simple life, to ‘Like A Girl,’ a powerful outcry against underestimating women.
Though I’m usually a country music hater, I can find a lot to respect (and even some things to like) in the Henningsens’ music.
It’s definitely worth it to check out this talented family band’s last show when they come to campus on for Homecoming week.
Tickets to the show are $5 for students and $10 for the general public. Don’t miss out on your last chance to experience the Henningsens.

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