Music Radar: Summer Jams Revisited

What did you listen to this summer?


Steven Oliver, Multimedia Manager

The summer not only contains some of the hottest temperatures of the year, but also some of the hottest songs of the year. This year that could not be truer, especially with the return from a much-too-long hiatus of an iconic duo. Daft Punk came back strong, giving the world some of the best collaborations that have happened in many years, along with rumors of an album and a world tour. In honor of this magnificent return, we share some of the best songs from the summer, along with some of the best classics from summers past.

If this song doesn’t make people feel like moving, even just a little bit, then they should just check their pulse.

Congratulations—Post Malone feat. Quavo
Even with zero love for Post Malone, no one can deny that the re-playability value of this song is so high that it will become a future classic.

Unforgettable—French Montana feat. Swae Lee
Even though the lyrics are extremely weak, the rhythm mixed with the beautifully sythensized refrain are enough to make its hotness level exceptional.

With a beat that was made to feel like being in a dance club in a large city, and a beautiful voice recorded over it, makes this seem like it was the perfect combination for High End fashion stores. Consider this a warning, do not shop if this is playing in a store.

Something Just Like This—The Chainsmokers and Coldplay
This very well could have been the making of a chart shattering supergroup, even just for one album. For now, everyone will have to deal with this epic collaboration. Good luck trying not to like this song.

Humble—Kendrick Lamar
Can a rap song that mentions TED talks not be legendary? This is not a song for children, it is an anthem for villians straight out of a movie.

I Feel It Coming—The Weekend feat. Daft Punk
The weekend felt it coming, but did our readers? The sound of this music is not only soothing, but catchy as well. Mix that with the sweet voice of The Weekend and how could someone not like this song?

Summertime—DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
This one is self-explanatory, everyone has heard it. If you haven’t, please download Spotify and use the search feature promptly.

Rockaway Beach—The Ramones
Not everyone loves this group, but this song is hard not to listen too. If there ever was a rock song to fit in the summer jams list, this song is it.

All Summer Long—Kid Rock
Take it or Leave it. This song is catchy and fun, no matter who sings it.

Party Rock Anthem—LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennet, Goonrock
Really? This had to be on the classic part of the summer song list. Period.

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