Welcome Day: Meet the clubs!

Here are some easy ways to get involved at LLC

Zoë Donovan, Reporter


Welcome Day has come and gone, and with it came free smoothies, stuffed animals and food. With it also came stands for clubs and groups at the college so that students have the opportunity to get involved with the school and other students outside of class.

Environmental Club

Environmental club focuses on education on environmental issues along with working to help the environment as well as fellow group members. “We have a really big sense of community and helping out each other,” Said Jackie Beck, who worked the club table at Welcome Day.

International Students

The International Students group meets once a week, and looks to connect students across borders. It gives U.S. students the opportunity to experience cultures outside of the U.S. and helps international students to learn more about the American Culture and more easily integrate. The director of the program is Taeyol O.

Human Services Club

Clinical Supervisor Christa Borries is one of the faculty members involved with the Human Services Club. The club allows students to “get involved with fundraising and direct service activities for area agencies.” Any majors can be involved with the programs; the only prerequisite is a want “to reach out and help others.” They help raise money for various local organizations through bake sales and other fundraisers.

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors work to recruit students to Lake Land through planning high school visits, and giving tours to potential students and organize the college visit days. To become an ambassador, students must fill out an application that includes a short essay before being invited for an interview. The students in the program are given a $500 annual scholarship, and the opportunity to “get to know students on a personal level,” said student Carson Goff.


The Future Education Association is a group that works with younger children. They plan activities such as Kid’s Night Out. There are no prerequisites for the club. “Anyone can join, even if you’re not an education major. You just have to like little people,” said Club President Taylor David.

Theater Club

Theater Club is a new club, started in the Summer of 2016. Over this last summer the club had a Night of Original Works, in which members worked with the Mattoon Arts Council. Club President Leah Piescinski said that it gave “Lakeland students a place to come and be creative.” Those who are interested in theater but aren’t comfortable on stage are welcome to join. “There’s a different outlet for everybody.”

Broadcasting Club

Broadcasting club is not just for radio/TV majors; they take trips to studios and to other areas that help to further the broadcasting field. The club helps to teach members about radio/TV work and the different things involved with. The club’s president is Elijah Snyder.

Leadership Workshops

The Leadership workshops offered by the college can help students, especially those transferring to other schools or those who plan to go into a leadership position. “It’s a great opportunity for students to get credit on their transcripts,” said TriO mentor Nicole Poggendorf.


Student Government President, Brock Hammond, along with the rest of SGA work to “address the problems and concerns that students might be facing.” They are taking applications up until the Sept. 6 for freshman officers, and voting on the Sept. 13-14. Applications require 25 signatures and answering a few questions to be added to the ballot.


PRIDE is the LGBT+ group on campus. Catrina Oberfeldt, a member of the club, encourages everyone to come and join. “We appreciate everyone who comes out and supports us.” The group is open to everyone, whether or not they are a part of the LGBT+ community or allies.

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