Should transgender people be excluded from military?

Tiffany Wallis, Copy Editor

The recent suspension of transgender people in the military has millions talking.  This past summer Donald Trump banned transgenders from any military involvement. This may be one of the most controversial decisions of Trump’s term so far.

A high percentage of transgender people joining the military simply joined for the medical benefits.  They could potentially provide the medical insurance to cover sex reassignment surgery and hormonal balance medication.  The military spends millions on transgender medical supplies every year.  Removing transgender soldiers would save millions of dollars that should be used for other purposes.  The symptoms of gender reassignment and hormone treatments include major hormonal imbalances, which can be dangerous on a sensitive, high-priority mission. These medical complications would not only put the mission in jeopardy, but also the lives of the people around them.

Others may argue for the equality of American people.  Some transgenders who were and are now members of the military have come forward to express their harmless involvement in the military.  They explain their many years of service while experiencing no complications with their condition.  However, this may not always be the case.  Every person is effected a little differently from the next, so while one person may thrive, another may have complications.

Only time will tell whether Trump’s decision will pay off or simply cause more conflict and commotion among our American citizens.

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