‘Persuader’ brings violence to life

Seventh ‘Jack Reacher’ sequel doesn’t disappoint

Steven Oliver, Business Manager

Reading books written by Lee Child has become my favorite way to pass the time when I do not have the will to work on school assignments but also do not want to waste my time watching television. Lee Child might sound familiar to readers, because he is the author and creator of the ‘Jack Reacher’ novels which spawned two major blockbuster films starring Tom Cruise.
In the novels, Reacher is a character who every male in this world sometimes wishes they were. These qualities include but are not limited to: being tall, broad-shouldered, and muscular, the ability to live cheap, survive as a loner, winning in a fight at all costs. Every book in the series maintains the level of action, along with the intriguing story, just like the movies.
But, there is one that stands out from the rest. That novel is ‘Persuader’, and it opens almost immediately with the character having to make a choice that will ultimately end in violence. I won’t ruin that moment for the potential readers, but I will say that ‘Persuader’ is likely the most action-packed book readers will ever attempt to finish. I say attempt, because this book is full of extreme details to paint pictures of sex, violence, sadism, weaponry use, smuggling, revenge and deception. This book is not for everyone.
If you enjoyed the Arnold and Stallone movies with gratuitous action scenes, then you will not be disappointed. Do not let this discourage you if you did not enjoy those movies; the novel is written in such a way that there is enough room for the story to breathe between action sequences. Its flow is similar to the modern movie ‘Secario’.
I encourage anyone who is slightly interested in having more action coming from their books to reach for ‘Persuader’ from the shelves of their local library and give it a chance.

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