‘Kong: Skull Island’ proves reboots can succeed

Steven Oliver, Business Manager

Wouldn’t it be nice if each generation didn’t try and recreate the previous’ iconic movies, and more specifically the movie heroes/villains? It seems like every decade or so, a “new” movie is coming out with the same old characters!
Sometimes this is an absolute disaster for audiences, like ‘Batman and Robin,’ ‘Jason X’ or ‘Planet of the Apes’ starring Mark Wahlberg. Other times, audiences find gold with a new take on an old favorite, much like with ‘Kong: Skull Island.’
‘Kong’ puts audiences right into the action and leaves them to figure out what is going on, that is until Kong shows up briefly. ‘Kong: Skull Island’ not only has a remarkable story, but it has a cast so good, even a mediocre film would succeed. Samuel L. Jackson plays a Helicopter squadron leader in 1973 Vietnam begging for more action before he must retire. John Goodman is a secretive character who is trying to prove he isn’t a kook for one last time. Tom Hiddleston was cast as a British SAS officer who is suspicious of the mission, but is in desperate need of money. Brie Larson is also in the movie, playing the photographer on the mission. Most of the characters in the movie other than humans are familiar but improved upon in a unique way.
There was never a moment that I felt relaxed enough to know what was coming next. I felt that Kong’s nonhuman enemies were a bit strange, but in the action scenes they were a believable threat. If CGI has not been a proven asset to portray lifelike beings virtually in films yet, the representation of Kong and his enemies in the movie will prove just that.
The movie being a complete standalone reboot and the beginning of a franchise explains a lot of questions that people may have about King Kong and some of the other monsters within that film universe. Don’t let Peter Jackson’s ‘King Kong’ have an influence on your decision to see ‘Kong: Skull Island’, it doesn’t disappoint on any level, and is well worth checking out.

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