‘Missing Richard Simmons’ isn’t missing anything

From laughs to tears, this podcast has it all

Steven Oliver, Business Manager

Richard Simmons has been missing for roughly four years now, and not one person knows his true whereabouts. I was unaware of this information until I stumbled upon the podcast ‘Missing Richard Simmons’ sometime in March. It turned out to be a six-episode masterpiece with cliffhanger endings and all the drama of a daytime soap opera, but better.
I was enamored within the first five minutes of the first episode of the series. Not only was one of the most recognizable public entertainment figures of our lifetime missing, apparently, he is being held hostage and his housekeeper is practicing witchcraft. Some moments are indeed laughable, but others make you question if he truly is okay.
Podcasts like this one rarely come along, with its original concept and the sincerity of its messages. Each episode has its own theme, moving forward by building on the last. This means that with each episode the narrator asks successively harder questions and searches for the answers within the timeline of the episode, sometimes leaving with a lack of answers. During the series, listeners can’t help but feel uplifted by its messages and the positive things people share on the narrators search for Richard Simmons.
But, for every high within the series, there is a guaranteed low point. I recommend checking it out, but be warned if you are prone to crying, bring the tissues.

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