Meaker elected as student trustee

Derby Roan, Managing Editor

In March, Lake Land College students voted to elect their 2017-2018 sophomore Student Government members. Along with SGA members, the college elected its new student trustee, Charles “CJ” Meaker.
“The student trustee is the representative of the students. I am there to be the middle person between the board of trustees and the students,” Meaker said.
Meaker was a 2016 graduate from Mattoon High School. He was active in FFA in high school and as a student ambassador at Lake Land. He said both of these activities contributed to his public speaking and people skills.
“I went into being the student trustee because I love talking to people. I’m a people person,” Meaker said. “I’ve held leadership positions before, and I’ve talked in front of many people before, so I thought it would be good to learn all the experiences of Lake Land College.”
Meaker’s focus on people extends beyond his own personal conversations. His goal is to increase communication in his time as the student trustee.
“What I hope to accomplish is communication from the college to the students,” Meaker said. “I know people use the Laker Hub, I know they get on the website, but I feel like some students don’t understand when activities are and certain opportunities they have coming into Lake Land.”
Jensyn Morrison, 2016-2017 student trustee, said that she would advise the student trustee to make the most of his time and always have an open ear.
“I would tell them to dive in head-first, give it their all, and embrace it while they can! It goes by too quickly to wish you would have done more,” Morrison said. “I would also advise them to be open and willing to listen to any and all students. Their opinions and concerns are very important to the student body as well as the Board of Trustees.”

Your sophomore Student Government members are Jessica Blazich, Cole Keller, Kristen Morlen, Taylor Powers, Chipman Schmidt, Lacie Butler, Brock Hammond, Geonel Moluba Ebali and Eunice Nzuka.

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