A troll’s backlash

Media lashes out at Pewdiepie

Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie) interacts with fans at the 2015 PAX Convention. PAX is a gaming convention created in 2004 to celebrate gaming culture.


Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie) interacts with fans at the 2015 PAX Convention. PAX is a gaming convention created in 2004 to celebrate gaming culture.

Sara McRoberts, Reporter

Media today has more pull and influence then ever before. With online news sites and social media, news can reach millions in a matter of minutes. With this ferocity of reach, media can even sway opinions and manipulate situations.
Famous YouTuber Pewdiepie, aka Felix Kjellberg (Shell burg), says this is what happened to him.
Pewdiepie is YouTube’s biggest creator with over 53 million subscribers and counting. He has been sponsored by Maker Studios and had his own show on YouTube Red.
Pewdiepie is an infamous troll and his millions of fans know this and love his behavior. Trolling is when an online user posts shocking and purposely offensive comments in order to anger others. It is always offensive, but is a common practice of online users.
In an attempt to troll website Fiverr, a website in which one can pay a person to do anything for $5, Pewdiepie paid two men to hold signs, one of which that read “death to all Jews” and then proceeded to make a video about it which was posted on Jan. 11 to his channel.
Pewdiepie’s attempt at trolling went terribly wrong when the Wall Street Journal caught wind of it.
Piecing together different clips from various videos off Pewdiepie’s channel, the news outlet determined the creator was anti-Semitic. Without first reaching out to the YouTuber for comment, the news organization went public with the information.
Maker Studios dropped Pewdiepie and YouTube canceled his YouTube Red show, costing the website’s biggest creator millions. Not only did canceling the show put Pewdiepie’s livelihood at risk, it eliminated the jobs of people working on the show.
On Feb. 16, the creator posted an 11 minute response video to his channel. The 27-year-old explained that the Fiverr joke was taken too far and his attempt to troll was incredibly misunderstood and could be seen as having been done in poor taste. He talks about how he has made mistakes with his jokes and learned from them and this situation will be no different.
He also explained how the media took his videos and comments out of context to appeal to their own agenda to create a controversial story.
Nothing like this has ever happened in YouTube history, and it caused a massive response from media and other content creators on Youtube.
Some ditched Pewdiepie, agreeing with the Wall Street Journal while others rallied behind him and since this incident, he has gained an addition million followers, bringing his count to over 54 million.
What price do creators in all outlets, not just YouTube, have to pay in order to express their personal freedom of speech?
Although we all have freedom of speech, there are consequences for what we say. Pewdiepie trolled and made comments that he can’t take back, only apologize for.
But, when a network chooses to sponsor a person with the reputation Pewdiepie has, they should expect controversy and tasteless jokes.
Being YouTube’s biggest creator and a man who has donated millions to charity, he certainly deserves better than to be dropped for doing what hedoes best: being a troll.
The media’s influence has changed aspects of Felix Kjellberg’s life forever, but in typical fashion, the controversy will be forgotten in the public eye and media will move on to the next big thing. All the while, Pewdiepie will continue to troll and create content his millions of followers will continue to watch.

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