Trash dove’s rise to fame

How did a headbanging bird take over Facebook?

Steven Oliver, Business Manager

By now, we’ve all seen a viral meme, especially on Facebook. As much as I would like to talk about the “Cash Me Outside, How ‘Bout Dat” girl, I don’t want to give her anymore exposure than need be. That would be both a completely different and significantly longer article.
What about that animated headbanging purple bird? It has been called many names, but is universally recognized as the trash dove. Where did the repetitive meme originate from, and why did it become so popular?
It all started from the bird that was created by a female artist in Sarasota, Fla., named Syd Weiler. In January 2017, Facebook debuted an Emoji Sticker Pack featuring the bird in different scenarios. Some of the dumbest funny emoji stickers featured were “I’m on a roll,” with a picture of the bird standing on a roll, “Crummy Day,” with the bird sitting under a rain cloud surrounded by crumbs.
But, our Facebook feeds aren’t plastered with those stickers. So, why did the one banging his head like he is at a metal concert go viral? The first sign of it going viral can be traced back in early February in Thailand, and their spamming of the emoji. The trash dove soared to new heights when one of those Facebook users in Thailand made a crude animated video with strange music featuring the trash dove. The video was then watched by over 3 million people in little over one week.
The popularity of the trash dove was noticed by many news sources that wrote about it. Soon after its popularity and news exposure helped it spread across the globe, eventually making its way to the American Facebook accounts, where it is now widely overused.

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