‘John Wick’ sequel meets expectations

Steven Oliver, Business Manager

I never thought I would say I enjoyed a sequel as much as the previous movie outside of franchises such as ‘Terminator’ (‘T2: Judgement Day’) and ‘Star Wars’ (‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’), but ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ proved me wrong. I not only enjoyed it, but I also want to see more in the future.
The film jumps right in after the first movie ended, with John pursuing one more thing that was lost to him. He finds himself in quite the predicament because of a promise made in his distant past.
Of course, it would not be a John Wick film without lots of gunplay and fighting. To this end, the movie does not disappoint. The detail orientation and preparation of this film is, simply put, the best I have seen. A scene in which John Wick is hurt earlier in the film is referenced by showing him bleeding through his shirt later. Consistencies such as that are placed throughout the movie.
Keanu Reeves (John Wick) trained with Aaron Cohen, who is a former member of Israel’s counter-terrorist special operations unit, Unit 217 or Duvdevan. Cohen is also one of the most sought-after gun trainers in the world. To help prepare even more for the role, Reeves entered shooting competitions, called “3 Gun.” In these shooting competitions, you have 3 guns (an Ar-15 or similar rifle, a handgun, and a shotgun) that you shoot randomly placed targets with, while traveling through a course with some obstacles as quick as possible. This was to make sure his timing of switching from gun to gun was right, and not to mention believable. Reeves hasn’t disappointed in preparation and delivery of his action movies of the past (‘Point Break,’ ‘Speed,’ ‘The Matrix’), and the streak continues in ‘John Wick 2: Chapter 2.’

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