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Derby Roan

Cam Boucher, lead singer of Sorority Noise, pours his heart into the mic on Sat. Sept. 17, 2016 at the Ready Room in St. Louis. Sorority Noise’s new album, ‘You’re Not As ______ As You Think You Are’ was released on March 17, 2017.

Derby Roan, Managing Editor

Sorority Noise—Art School Wannabe
‘Art School Wannabe’ is an upbeat, quick song, relying on heavy guitar, crashing percussion and vulnerable vocals. It describes a day in the life of someone who’s trying to figure whether or not he’s the person he wanted to be. The album, ‘Joy, Departed,’ as a whole is vocalist Cam Boucher’s journey to self-acceptance.
“Maybe I’m not the person/That I never wanted to be”


Marilyn Manson—Mephistopheles of Los Angeles
Marilyn Manson is an artist who made his name by being purposely, overtly controversial. But, with shock and awe becoming increasingly common, Manson has had to adjust his approach with his new album, ‘The Pale Emperor.’ The seemingly autobiographical ‘Mephistopheles of Los Angeles’ stands out specifically, highlighting themes of emptiness and dependency in Manson’s gravely, reserved voice. The song overall is classy, catchy, and relatable.
“I don’t know if I can open up/I’m not a birthday present”


Derby Roan
Craig Owens, stage name BadXChannels, performs his freshman EP on his first tour under this name at the Emerson Theater in Indianapolis, Ind.

BadxChannels—III. Dottedxlines
BadxChannels, the new project of ex-Chiodos vocalist Craig Owens, is characterized by hip hop beats and the vocalist’s gorgeous falsetto. Owens has spent years in the music industry as the front man in several post-hardcore bands. ‘III. Dottedxlines,’ on his debut album ‘WHYDFML’ is a song about his frustrations with the industry while on top, and gives a clear look at why he got a fresh start with this new project.
“The crisis of confidence is a constant/Chaos for relevancy is costly”


Nirvana—Where Did You Sleep Last Night
It may not be an original, but Nirvana’s rendition of ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night’ is truly haunting. It’s an old folk song, the exact origin of which is unknown. Kurt Cobain’s gravely, uneven vocals bring layers of fresh emotion to this old tune, leaving a timeless impression.
“My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me/Tell me where did you sleep last night”


Derby Roan
The Maine’s John O’Callaghan gets the crowd moving in Chicago on the 2016 Van’s Warped Tour. Their album ‘The Way We Talk’ celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

The Maine—Another Night on Mars
‘Another Night on Mars,’ from alt-rock/pop punk band The Maine, is an anthemic ballad to friendship. Vocalist John O’Callaghan breathes pure joy into this song, capturing the essence of fun had with friends. It’s difficult not to smile about good memories while listening to this song.
“What’s another night on Mars/With friends like ours anywhere is home”


U2/Johnny Cash—The Wanderer
Though technically written and produced by U2, ‘The Wanderer’ was sung by country legend Johnny Cash. Bono wrote the song specifically for Cash to sing, but the song was released on U2’s album, ‘Zooropa.’ It was written about, well, a wanderer on a quest for redemption from sin. Cash’s storytelling voice makes the song feel like a conversation with an old, heartache-ridden friend.
“Now Jesus, don’t you wait up/Jesus, I’ll be home soon”


Derby Roan
Anthony Raneri of Bayside performs at the Ready Room in St. Louis on Sept. 17, 2016.

Bayside is a band who’s been at it for years. Their indie-punk vibe and standout guitar solos have made them a fan-favorite in the alternative genre. ‘Mary,’ from their newest album ‘Vacancy,’ tells the story of a beautiful girl named Mary who’s “gonna make it out one night.”
“Save your breath/We only get so many trips around the sun”


Big Sean—Voices In My Head/Stick To The Plan
Fresh off of Big Sean’s ‘I Decided,’ released in February 2017, ‘Voices In My Head/Stick To The Plan’ is a winner, with heavy bass and motivational lyrics. It’s a song about working through disheartening, confusing introspection and the strong determination to succeed regardless.
“I realized there’s no dream that I can’t fill/I manifested all while I’m the man still”


Derby Roan
Colorado-native Elephant Revival performed in Bloomington, Ill., on Aug. 19, 2016.

Elephant Revival—Grace of a Woman
Elephant Revival, a six-piece folk band, brings a variety of instruments and their unique vocal talent to every song they release. ‘The Grace of a Woman’ is an ode to the strength and beauty of women, especially mothers as bringers of life. Simple and sweet, this tribute to womanhood will get stuck on repeat in your head.
“Sometimes it seems as though/The very best a man can know/Is the grace of a woman”


The Menzingers—Casey
Punk rock band, The Menzingers, win hearts with the combination of Greg Barnett’s raspy, unique vocals and Tom May’s energetic, clean vocals. ‘Casey’ is a catchy, upbeat song about young love and vices in lieu of dealing with the responsibilities and boredom of real life.
“I want to wander around the city with you again/Like when you waited tables/And I waited for your shift breaks”


Missio—Middle Fingers
Missio is taking 2017 by storm with his newest hit, ‘Middle Fingers.’ Released in January, this song has already hit the radio, and is claimed to be the anthem of the year by many apathetic millennials. This song sounds like it’s made of 100 per cent good vibes with its chill techno backing and soft, cold vocals, but really insults about everything the world loves today. Jump on this bandwagon soon, because Missio is going nowhere but up.
“I am tired of seeing pretty people everywhere/I am not a model, middle fingers in the air”


Derby Roan
Moon Taxi performs at the Mill & the Mine in Knoxville, Ten., on Feb. 24, 2017. This tour was a belated celebration of the band’s 10th anniversary.

Moon Taxi—Year Zero
Nashville-native Moon Taxi celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2016. ‘Year Zero’ was released in 2015 on their newest album, ‘Daybreaker.’ Moon Taxi’s unique sound can be credited to singer Trevor Terndrup’s distinct vocals and the band’s creative incorporation of keyboard and rhythm guitar. ‘Year Zero’ is an upbeat song about independently forging a path “into the year zero.”


The queen needs no introduction, and neither does her obvious feminism. ‘***Flawless’ is an extension of her mission to empower girls, telling them to speak their minds and be who they are shamelessly. The song is as catchy as it is meaningful. It even incorporates a speech from feminist spokeswoman Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who spoke on the differences in expectations and aspirations instilled in young girls versus young boys. ‘***Flawless’ is a song about breaking gender roles and being proud of who you are.
“We flawless, ladies tell ’em/I woke up like this”


Derby Roan
Nick Santino performs at the Van’s Warped Tour in Indianapolis on July 3, 2014. Santino was a solo act at the time, but in 2015 started the band Beach Weather. They will be on tour with The Maine and the Mowgli’s this spring.

Beach Weather—Swoon
Beach Weather is the newest project from ex-A Rocket to the Moon vocalist Nick Santino, started in 2015. ‘Swoon’ captures the sheer prettiness of Santino’s voice. The song is a bastion of modern indie music as it should be with its fresh, sunshiney sound. It’s perfect to sing and dance to after a long day in the classroom or office.
“Well I know this chemical feeling/Is making me forget about the drugs/You poison with your love”


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