College improvement discussed at Strategic Planning meeting


Lake Land College

Student activity groups brainstorm ideas for improvement of college on Feb. 7.

Steven Oliver, Business Manager

On Feb. 7, 2017, at 3 p.m., several Lake Land College student organizations, such as Student Activity Board, Student Government Association and the Navigator News, participated in a meeting with Dr. Josh Bullock, the president of the college. The meeting consisted of a brainstorming session on how Lake Land can advance student success in the future, along with an open question and answer format with Bullock.
There were plenty of ideas presented by the students in attendance. Some notable ideas presented were the lighting situation in some areas of the college at nighttime. Some of the concerns of non-traditional students (both international and those aged over 24) were accessibility and access to information. There was also feedback on classroom environments, with an emphasis on positive student-teacher interactions.
The hottest topic of all discussed pertained to the internet, mostly airing grievances and offering suggestions for improvements on the campus-wide WI-FI. There was also feedback presented on the college’s website.
Other members of Lake Land staff in attendance of the meeting were John Althaus, Vice President for Academic Services, and Jean Anne Grunloh, Senior Executive to the President. When the President did not have an immediate answer to a question or was checking for clarification during the meeting, these two were there to help.
The meeting will hopefully help Lake Land’s Strategic Planning Committee make decisions on what changes could be made to achieve greater student success at the college.

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