Songs to cruise to

Warmer weather brings open windows, loud music


Steven Oliver, Business Manager

There are few things that can compete with driving in your vehicle on a warm day in the spring while listening to great music. When the warm weather breaks and Illinois suffers bitter cold again, at least you can protect your ears from one thing. Horrible, uninspired music. In case you are in a dry spell of fresh music, here are some different artists you might like to check out.

Big Z – Fool for You (ft. Jackson Breit) found at
First up on the list is music from little known producer Big Z, with his first official single named ‘Fool for You,’ featuring vocals by Jackson Breit. If there was a song to officially begin summertime, this is it. You can’t help but feel happy and ready for a sunny adventure after listening to this upbeat track.

Second on the list is a little change of pace with folk music genre, while still upbeat and perfect for those warmer days. The way to would describe Magic Giant’s style would be if bands The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons had a musical baby and with an epic message. The song is about forgiveness, release and moving on, offering that it is not about who can be blamed when everyone is in this together.

K.A.A.N- Made You Look (RMX) found at
For a huge change of pace and style, we look next at a young rapper based out of the DMV (Washington Metropolitan area), K.A.A.N. is known for not only having hard-hitting beats, but also his comprehensible yet incredibly fast lyrical flow. Averaging a new track being released almost every week, this MC is one to keep an eye on as he is determined for greatness with the talent to back it up. (Bonus song to check out: Float)

This doesn’t happen that often, but sometimes you hear the music that plays in the stores at the mall and wonder what artist is playing. It doesn’t happen often, but Pope does remind of one of those artists. His music is not only uplifting, but also the type that can bring joy to the worst of days. (Bonus song to check out: Music is Emotion)

The xx- On Hold
I must admit, I wasn’t a fan of this band’s earlier music. If this song is a hint as to what is in store for the future, consider me a fan now. The retro beat that is mixed in with the chorus is enough to be catchy but not annoying, while also making you want to break out in a “running man” inspired dance. It takes a lot of talent to take a sample from Hall and Oates and make it cool in present day, yet the band accomplishes just that.

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