What happened to Michael Jackson?



Jackson performs in Austria in June 1988. The pop star’s skin color changed drastically over the years. This was the result of vitiligo, a skin condition causing the skin to become white in patches due to the destruction of melanocytes, pigment-forming cells.

Sara McRoberts, Reporter

The King of Pop changed the music industry forever. He spent his entire life in the limelight. Not only did his death devastate his family, it was a tragedy to his millions of fans.
Sudden death can riddle a person with grief, which can create a fantasy world in hopes that maybe this death can be reasoned with, that it will eventually make sense. It is clear why so many people in Jackson’s life would fall into this trap. But, some of his loved ones’ theories are beginning to seem more reasonable.
It is fairly common knowledge that Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, was convicted with involuntary manslaughter. He prescribed Jackson deadly levels of medication which resulted in an overdose.
In recent years, Jackson’s daughter Paris and his sister La Toya have openly talked about the belief they both share: that Michael was murdered.
There are many conspiracy theories surrounding Jackson’s death, including the theory that he faked his own death to escape media scrutiny and the intense debt he found himself in.
However, this theory seems to be more believable because, someone was indeed convicted for the pop star’s death.
The popular theory is that the corporation AEG wanted Jackson gone. They are the company who puts on concerts, and one of their clients today is Justin Bieber. According to speculation, AEG knew Michael would be worth more dead than alive.
It has been theorized that when a talented musician passes, their record sales skyrocket. The sales for MJ’s final tour sold so quickly that the sale actually shut down Ticketmaster’s site briefly. With that said, many close to Jackson had said his health was deteriorating, which may have boosted ticket sales.
AEG would likely lose quite a bit of money if Jackson were to die an early death.
After he died, AEG released footage MJ had been shooting for the tour and marketed it. True to expectations, his record sales did go crazy.
Michael Jackson was immensely vocal about his beliefs on how the music industry isn’t what it seems, and his hit “They Don’t Care About Us” was written about the industry and how they use the artists for financial gain, treating them like property instead of people.
The major question everyone wants answered is what really happened to Michael Jackson? The answer may never be known for sure. All fans can do is to hope that one day, his loving family will receive the closure they so desperately crave.

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