I am pansexual

MacKenzie Crable, Photographer

Today, more people are accepting different sexualities and genders. But, with every accepting person, you have a group of people who disagree completely.
Even now, in 2017, people are closed-minded and don’t take the time to understand or get to know people who are not the same as them. I know that after coming out on my social media accounts, I have gotten several questions and a lot of hate. Pansexuality and bisexuality are confused to be the same thing, but they are very different. While bisexual people only date males or females, pansexuals are attracted to male, female, transgender and other gender identities
Love is love; attraction starts with the mind and personality, not what body part they have or use. I am personally attracted to a deep conversation and an intelligent mind. There are currently celebrities who have come out as pansexual, including Miley Cyrus. She is very out there and open and inspires people to be who they are and comfortable with their sexual orientation.
As pansexuality is becoming more common and popular, it is important to keep an open mind and learn about a person before judging them on who they may or may not like.
No, I’m not hitting on you if I call you cute, and no I do not want to get with every person I see. Looks are not the first thing I pay attention to; its whether or not you can hold a conversation with me and hold my interest for more than a few hours. Love is much deeper for me than looks or how good you are in bed. I love ideas, beliefs and values. I am pansexual and I am proud.

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