Foundational Knowledge: Continents

Derby Roan, Copy Editor

This planet houses seven continents, each with its own unique traits.
Africa is the continent with the most countries. It currently has 54 different countries.
Antarctica is the least-populated continent. It has no permanent settlements, only research facilities for scientists.
Asia is the most-populated and biggest continent.
Australia is the smallest of all the continents, though it is the world’s largest island. (But, Greenland technically takes the cake, because Australia is considered a continent, not an island.)
Europa is the wealthiest continent, and is home to Vatican City, the world’s smallest country.
South America has a lot of natural wonders, including the longest mountain range, highest waterfalls, and the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth.
North America, our continent, has the largest number of English-speakers and the largest Christian population.

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