Foundational Knowledge: Psychosomatic Illness

This illness isn’t all in your head

Derby Roan, Copy Editor

A psychosomatic illness is a disorder involving both the body and mind, though the physical illness can often be made worse by the mind. The severity of the illness is partially linked to how the patient reacts to it. For example, one person may break out in a rash and be unworried, while another may be self-conscious and feel more anxious or depressed because of the rash.
The mental side of the ailment usually presents itself in the form of anxious reactions, such as a quick heartbeat and breathing, sweat, or a feeling of sickness.
Treating a psychosomatic illness can be tricky, because both the body and mind are unwell. Ultimately, the goal is to cure the physical ailment, but it’s also important to treat the psychological symptoms to keep the patient at ease.

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