Take the trip of a lifetime

LLC offers travel abroad

Allison Wheeler, Editor-In-Chief

Many students look for opportunities to broaden their horizons and find the best getaway at the best price. Lake Land College is offering a summer trip to students and non-students alike to Scotland and Ireland this June. There will be various stops, including Edinburgh, Highlands, Glencoe and Lock Ness, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin. This trip is a great opportunity to get a feel for these countries, learn what other cultures are like. Students can even earn two hours of credit on their transcripts if desired.
The trip will cost $3,459 for ages 18-22 and $3,869 for anyone 23 and older. This cost covers everything but the midday lunch and souvenirs. That includes round-trip airfare, all transportation, sightseeing tours, site visits, hotels with private bathrooms, breakfast and dinner daily, a full-time multi-lingual tour director and on-tour tipping.
There are informational meetings on Dec. 4 at 2 p.m. or Dec. 7 at 5 p.m. located in the Library Room 207. At these meetings, people will be able to ask questions, receive updated information and get a one-on-one feel for the trip. If you have any questions regarding the meetings or the trip, you can contact either Vivian Bales, at [email protected] or 234-5087, or Bruce Walker at [email protected] or 217-508-9502.

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