S’no reason to be snowed in

Campus Police Chief Randy Ervin discusses winter safety

Allison Wheeler, Editor-In-Chief

With the drop in temperatures, the risk of snowfall gets increases and students may be concerned about their commute to campus. Randy Ervin, the campus Chief of Police, wants students to be up-to-date on safety during this winter season.
Along with downloading a refutable weather app, Ervin said, “Students can opt in to receive various alerts from the college through IRIS. Be sure to opt in for all alerts: severe weather, school cancellations and emergency notifications. Also be sure to update your information in IRIS if you cell number or carrier has changed.”
He also recommends that you keep your gas tank full. Most students can be tempted to run it as low as they can before filling it, but if at any time you get stranded, you may not be able to keep your heater going to keep you warm. If you are ever stranded, it is best to call 911 and let them know of your location to come help you. Ervin also recommends keeping the following items in your car in case of an emergency: Kitty Litter or Sand for traction if you get stuck, a shovel to dig yourself out of a drift, non-perishable food items for an emergency kit, water bottles that a little water has been let out of for expansion, as well as a blanket or two to stay warm if your heater ever fails in an emergency.
There is never a time to be too careful in severe weather.
“If you have to drive, it is a good idea to phone ahead and let someone know your travel plans. Let them know where you are headed, what route you plan to take and how long it should take for you to get there,” Ervin said.
This is a great precaution in the event that you have a wreck and you are unable to call it in. Your contact can call the police or 911 on your behalf when you don’t call or show up.
If you ever have an emergency on the road, call 911 immediately. The Mattoon and campus police can be reached 24/7 at (217)234-5432, but in the event of a non-emergency you can call (217)234-5066. If anyone is in the office, they will answer or you can leave a voicemail. Be sure to be cautious and look out for your safety this winter.

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